A gentle morning yoga flow to assist in opening and energising the body, with a focus on hips and hamstrings, releasing stagnant energy and welcoming the day ahead.

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Box breathing to focus, prepare and centre

Box breathing is a simple and effective breathing technique to help you focus and prepare for that comes next. Great for using to prepare for exams, sporting competitions or just to get ready for the day ahead

How to use an ice bath

Introducing how to prepare for and use a home ice bath with safety tips and tips for maximising the benefits of cold exposure

How to set up an ice bath

Cold water therapy is amazing with incredible physical and mental health benefits but unless you have an ice machine it gets difficult and quite expensive . This video shows how to set up your own ice bath at home using a chest freezer. Part two will show you protocols for use. Enjoy

Daily practices to remain in natural flow state

Metaphysics mini series- Navigating the 3D world while expanding our consciousness into 4D to 5D. Whatever we focus on and buy into, we give it energy. This energy perpetuates or creates the world we are focusing on. If we want a new earth we need to focus on what we want not what we don’t want. Daily practices allow us to focus on what we want. Routine of self care is vital at these times. All our videos are made with love!


This is why our practices are offered on a value for value model.

Which means you pay what the treatment is worth to you and what you can afford, as we want everyone to benefit from these practices designed for health & wellbeing but made with unconditional LOVE!

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