Our consciousness is our connection to every living thing.

It’s our spirit, our frequency, our vibration, it’s the layers of our self-awareness we resonate and reconnect with source. 

When we move through these layers of self-awareness, we move from contracted lower states of consciousness into expanded higher states of consciousness. 

Phoenix Journey to expanded consciousness

  • Self-Awareness – Awareness of own beliefs, Core values, own identity. 
  • Self-Exploration– To identify social systems programming and conditioning, to start to challenge beliefs, values, and the identity of our authentic self. To question things that no longer resonate with our intuition or self.  
  • Self- Understanding – Once we have identified areas in self-exploration, we can understand where our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviours have come from in the past. It is at this stage we can learn to let go of what does not serve us. We put in new boundaries of self-care. This is an incredibly challenging time for many people. But also, very rewarding with a sense of being truly free. We can learn to first forgive ourselves, and then forgive others.  We can then start to have acceptance for everything that happens in life as part of our journey and life path. We can now authentically start to speak our truth.
  • Self-Love- When we let go of old programs, and step into our authentic selves, we move into a state of consciousness that comes from our heart centre.  Our thoughts reflect our self-love and compassion, and we really can find peace and gratitude within. 
  • Self-Transformation – Once we learn to truly love our authentic self again, we experience detachment as our consciousness rises and we may no longer resonate with old relationships, jobs, friends, etc that have kept us in contracted states of consciousness. However, this is balanced out with new experiences and relationships, jobs etc that do resonate with us. It’s all frequency, we will attract what resonates with our consciousness/spirit. (Metaphysics) When we let go of habitual patterns laid down throughout our lives, we can return to the natural, normal flow state of life force energy.
  • Self-Realisation/Mastery – When we resonate from our heart centre, we are coming from our higher self. Our ego mind is no longer in control, and we flow with our consciousness, we are co-creators within our lives. We can manifest easily at this time. 

We are reconnected to Source, God, Christ, and the Universe through our consciousness and that we are all connected, they are within us, we are all one!

I have put together some practices that assist in this process.

Easy practices for expanding consciousness


Is a wonderful practice to sit quietly and reconnect with self. All the answers we seek are within us. Find a meditation practice that suits you. It takes commitment to take up meditation, as it may not come easily at first.  Do some research and try different ones. Meditation is also great for communicating with our guides and higher dimensional beings. 


Prayer is a type of meditation, through thoughts and words, spoken to God as a spiritual communication, usually for thanks, gratitude, adoration or to seek guidance.


Certain types of breathing techniques, (link Holotropic) releases dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and other chemicals which naturally occurs in the brain. These can be incredibly beneficial in opening up gateways to other dimensional planes and to connect with our higher self. 


Get out in nature as much as you can. Don’t rush, use mindfulness techniques(link) to really connect, listen, smell, see and touch everything that is around you.


Doing gratitude daily for what we have, expands our consciousness. It will attract more of what we are thankful for. When we are grateful, we appreciate life and are happier from the inside out.


Following our intuition is the best way to stay on our life path. We are guided even if we aren’t aware of it.  Our intuition, gut instinct is our higher self, guiding us and not listening to our ego mind.

Breathwork with intension 

On waking each morning, take 5 deep slow controlled breaths, breath in unconditional love for all, while on the exhale breath out doubt or fear.  This over time becomes a very powerful way to let go of what doesn’t serve us.

Intuition and Discernment

In modern day life, we have given away our power and trust in ourselves. We seek answers from friends, family, google, work colleagues, TV, SM and celebrities.  One of the last places we look is within ourselves. 


Our Intuition or gut instinct is our superpower, it is there to guide, protect and keep us safe. The cells in our body react to situations, to energy both good and bad. We can walk into a room and feel the energy. If it is bad our intuition will guide us usually to leave. However, we don’t always listen to it.  Have you ever been in a relationship where you had red flags early on, but you stayed in it hoping you are wrong? Then when it finally broke up you said to yourself, I should have listened to my gut ages ago. Once you start trusting yourself and your intuition, everything will start to fall into place, life flows almost effortlessly.


When we start trusting our intuition and in turn trust ourselves, the use of discernment starts to develop, it is the power within to see what may not always be evident to another mind. A person that looks outside themselves for answers lacks discernment. They can be influenced, manipulated, and make poor decisions.

A person using discernment is able to exhibit good judgement, perception, and insight by being able to grasp what may be obscure to others. It is linked to our intuition, what you resonate with, the flow of energy and our gut instinct. It is trusting ourselves.

When we develop these forgotten skills, we become empowered, self-aware and our lives flow with more balance.


This is why our practices are offered on a value for value model.

Which means you pay what the treatment is worth to you and what you can afford, as we want everyone to benefit from these practices designed for health & wellbeing but made with unconditional LOVE!

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