“Your body isn’t a temple it’s a home you’ll live in forever, take care of it”


Your body is simply the physical representation of your mind and spirit.

Think of it as an avatar that you control, you can improve and influence all areas of its performance to maximise your avatars potential. 

A healthy body is the greatest gift you can give yourself. 


“You are what you eat” Do you remember your parents saying that to you? I do, it just took me a long time to understand what they meant.

I am not here to tell you what to eat. Vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, carnivore, animal based, paleo, keto, caveman, Mediterranean, low FODMAP, the list of ways of eating are endless and my sincere suggestion for you is to experiment and find the way of eating which makes you feel optimal.


Modern life sees us exposed to a frightening amount of chemicals, toxins and poisons.

From the air that we breathe through to the food and drink we consume we are inhaling, ingesting and absorbing a myriad of toxic chemicals everyday.


A wise man once said that movement is life. (Jules Verne)

Human beings are designed to move. From our earliest origins as foragers and hunter gatherers we have always moved as part of our daily lives.


We don’t think about breathing. It is one of those processes that happens automatically in our body and requires no thought or effort like our heart beat.

Unfortunately because we don’t have to think about it…… we don’t think about it and yet putting some work into how we breathe is one of most transformative and rewarding things we can do.


Modern life seems inherently hectic. We work more and stress more about work, finance and life generally than ever before and the western world in particular takes pride in claiming that you should work endlessly and always be pursuing some imagined end goal of having more money and stuff than you had before. 


This is why our practices are offered on a value for value model.

Which means you pay what the treatment is worth to you and what you can afford, as we want everyone to benefit from these practices designed for health & wellbeing but made with unconditional LOVE!

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