Humanity is currently experiencing a great awakening!

This time in our history has been prophesised by many ancient cultures. 

Many people have had their DNA activated almost like a switch turning on a light, by huge amounts of energy coming onto our beautiful planet in a natural planetary cycle. 

What is a lightworker?

Lightworkers or way show-ers have been awakened, so that we could go through the ascension process first, holding the light for others while they too awaken.  I like to call way-show-ers ascension first responders. Our role and agreement is to anker the light energies that are currently flooding the Earth and feeling this energy, as if we are the channeler or conductor between the universe and mother earth.

I think of every awakened person to be a lightworker going through the ascension process. We are all at different stages and each journey is unique. 

Imagine a relay race, as new people awaken the baton is handed onto them, and so on, and so on, until every person’s DNA has been activated. I also like to think of it as a ripple effect. The awakened pass on their knowledge and wisdom to others and then they pass it on and so on until all of humanity is able to evolve.  This is one of the reason’s we were compelled to start up Phoenix.  

 Our bodies DNA is changing and physically being prepared to take on these new energies. We pass it onto the earth and to those that are around us.  We are here to hold space and this energy for others.

We can then assist the next wave of humanity that want to ascend and pass on these energies to them. Then the next wave shows the next wave until all of humanity ascends if this is what an individual chooses.  

Lightworkers also have templates within us from birth. These templates are as different forms of healers, or anything that can assist the Earth in her ascension and the change it brings for humanity. 

We have a purpose to complete. This is the reason we incarnated onto the Earth plane at this time of the great awakening.  

Here are some signs you might be one of the first or second wave of way show-ers/lightworker

  • We have a specific purpose to enlighten, counsel, heal or guide others
  • We hold space for others with love and without fear
  • We are highly intuitive and know we are here for this purpose
  • We’ve always had a wise old head even on young shoulders (common sense)
  • We are philosophical and truth seekers
  • We are empaths and dislike injustice immensely
  • We love humanity but need our own space
  • We need alone time to recharge
  • We are spiritual but not religious 
  • We feel energies 
  • We are aware of our thoughts and our ability to manifest
  • We usually go through a very strong and powerful spiritual awakening

We are here to awaken you to the knowledge you can heal yourself.  

Our work is to help people re-connect with who they are, to find their power and healing capabilities. To assist humanity in raising its consciousness, so that we can ascend with mother earth at this time in our history.

My Personal story

A little background to my awakening and work as a lightworker.

I first trained to be a counsellor in 1997-99, after I received counseling for childhood abuse that I kept to myself for 21 years. I had always been an Intuitive empath and a truth seeker, which didn’t always make me popular, I could read people really well, and some people found this challenging. I would always speak using my intuition and gut instinct, if something felt off, it usually was.

 In 1996 I was introduced to Louise Hays teachings with her book, the power is within you. It was recommended to me by my counsellor. It became my go-to book, I read parts of it daily, it changed my life back then. It was my early introduction to metaphysics. I was also introduced to Susan Jeffers book, Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I understood the power of the mind to heal, manifest and create our reality.  I had already had many teachings and experiences with the power of the mind, to prepare me for my spiritual awakening to come and my continued guidance into the world of Metaphysics. 

My Father’s name was Ernest Laws Holmes, the connection you will see soon.  He was a very courageous man, that volunteered at 17 to fight in WW2.

Shortly after his passing, I had the worst year of my life. As several of my closest family all had major health and family issues, that lasted all year. I became the one holding everyone up for over a year.  I didn’t have time for any self-care. It was like being on autopilot, if I thought too much about anything I would not have coped, so I just lived minute to minute.  Once everything had improved my husband and I decided to take a holiday to get over everything and to relax for the first time in ages. 

I got sick on holiday; my immune system must have been compromised from continued stress. The virus got hold of me and I couldn’t get out of bed. We went home although I knew things were bad. Over the next two months I developed chronic fatigue, numbness to the left side of my face, involuntary twitching, severe food allergies, white spots in my mouth, sores and my feet would burn and feel like every nerve ending in them was constantly firing up. This made sleeping very difficult. I had many tests, saw different specialists. Then finally I was told by my GP, because I had lesions on the right side of my brain, all the symptoms I was experiencing pointed to MS. 

Well, that was the trigger for my spiritual awakening.  I walked out of that office and said to myself I do not have MS, that is not going to be the rest of my life. My intuition was telling me, my illness was created through stress and that I can reverse it, so I never went back. 

I researched and researched

I found out that Epstein Barr, Herpes 7,8 are connected to it, and I had symptoms of these. I started on vitamins, natural anti-viral’s and lots of good fats.  I also took some supplements for fungal issues, as viruses and fungus are best of friends. My diet was very good anyway as I had been a personal trainer and understood how to fuel my body correctly. If you are experiencing autoimmune disease, please consult an integrative Dr.    

I started to learn Breath-work techniques to assist with my Central Nervous System returning to its para-sympathetic state.

I also took up Meditation, this was my personal game changer.  It was as if, I was compelled to do it, it became an addiction. It made me feel amazing afterwards and my hubby would always comment. 

My spiritual awakening had begun,

and it was very intense and rapid.  I started to experience very strange physical symptoms. Unknown to me, my life purpose had just been activated by a series of challenging events.

I started to have incredible visions, not dreams well those as well, but visions! I had never had a vision in my life until this point. They gave me peace, and a sense of calm. I felt more in-tune with these strange things happening than I did with what was going on in the world. 

Then the downloads began, I felt like a computer being rebooted when I went to bed. I would close my eyes and streams of colours, lights, energy, visions would be passing through my eyes into my body.  I could not sleep while this was happening and it would last for several hours, for consecutive days every couple of weeks. It was like being upgraded and often left me with such a bad headache for several days.  My husband would ask if I was ok, it was hard to explain why I was so exhausted to someone that was not experiencing this themselves. 

I started to research again,

but this time as to what was happening to me. I always believed in something bigger, Nature, God, the Universe, Source, whatever name you give the creator, but now I was starting to interact with higher beings. I could feel them and at night I could see energy and on occasion figures in my room. This research led me to the understanding that my body was going through the ascension process, from carbon to crystalline DNA activation.  

I started to realise if I wanted more answers, I had to ask for these higher beings’ guidance.  So, I did when I was struggling, and they always answered me. 

There were so many other things as well,

physical changes, tinnitus, eyesight changes, I could now see energy and the geometrical patterns of light within things. I had severe memory loss, that was the first thing I noticed, however my childhood memories of my dad and what he had told me many decades ago, came flooding to my mind with great clarity.  I found it hard to sometimes remember words, I felt like a different person. Things that did not serve me at this time was let go, to allow space for the downloads that came. 

I received huge support in the spiritual realm, whereas I felt very alone in the human one as I changed almost overnight. It was very challenging for my husband for the first year or so, he had a different wife! Then his awakening started to happen and although not experiencing the same intensity and speed of mine, he had started his ascension journey. I felt intuitively that with him constantly being around the energies I had been receiving, has assisted him to start on his own path of ascension.

During this intense time, I felt overwhelmed, I was meditating daily for an hour, I was getting all these signs, numbers, music, physical changes, feathers, power surges, rainbows all over my house and downloads etc. It had all happened so quickly in less than a year, I had no idea if I was doing it right. I knew I had a purpose, as why else would this be happening to me, I needed someone to guide me on the earth plane.  So, one night, while meditating I asked for guidance, as I was struggling to understand everything that was going on, I was doubting if I had enough knowledge to carry out my role that I knew now was that of a lightworker.   

The next morning, I went to make my breakfast smoothy.  I picked up my phone and thought I would listen to a youtube video while I was making it.  Landria Onka popped up, I pressed play as I thought she might have some spiritual tips for me, as I had subscribed to her channel a couple of weeks prior.  After about 5 minutes I heard the name Holmes, that was my maiden name.  So, I rewound the video to listen again, she said Ernest Holmes, well you could have picked me up off the floor. 

My Dad’s name Ernest Holmes. So, I googled Ernest Holmes. He was a spiritual teacher, the leading lecturer on metaphysics in America in the early 1900’s.  His simple message was “change your thinking and you can change your life.” I had the same philosophy as a counsellor! 

He wrote many books, at this point I thought maybe I needed to buy one! So, I started scrolling, I went past many, then there it was, I burst into tears, Love and Law by Ernest Holmes.  

My dad’s full name Ernest Laws Holmes was on the cover of a book, with the other main word Love! It was perfect synchronicity for me at that time.

I ordered it.  This book answered all my questions as to how to navigate my life path at this time.

My dad had been given his name in 1926, six years after this book was written in 1920.  Now almost a 100 years on it has profound meaning for me personally and it has given me all the additional answers I need for this incredible journey as a lightworker that I’m on, bringing together the power of the mind through counselling with my spiritual awakening.

Ernest Holmes could have written poetry, or books about carpentry, gardening etc!  He wrote books about metaphysical healing, connection to spirit, Christ consciousness- 5D as we call it today, the power of the mind, our connection as one universal consciousness, over a 100 years ago! I have learnt so much, and I knew that this was my work as a lightworker, to have my father’s qualities, to be able to focus without fear, to assist shifting the human collective consciousness at this time in our evolution. To hold energy and light for others.

There are so many other experiences and things that have happened to me, the jigsaw of my life has finally come together, even the abuse I suffered as a child had bought me to these incredible moments.

Realising there is no coincidence, that everything happens for a reason, good and bad, we are guided through life. We all have free will and make good and bad choices, but the universe will keep realigning us with our purpose. We must all take the time to look and listen out for this guidance. We all possess incredible power, qualities, and gifts, we just have to realise them!


This is why our practices are offered on a value for value model.

Which means you pay what the treatment is worth to you and what you can afford, as we want everyone to benefit from these practices designed for health & wellbeing but made with unconditional LOVE!

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