“Spirituality is something that our ancestors knew led to enlightenment and freedom. It was as important to them as the air that they breathed.”


It is a connection to everything around us. Using the life flow energy that connects all things, through compassion, love, and gratitude for our planet and all that dwell on her, to work in balance for peace and expansion of self.

Our spirit is another name for our higher self that guides us on our life path that comes from our heart, our inner knowing, our intuition to be our authentic selves and master the gifts we have within. 

Over recent millennia, we have moved away from our spirit, which has led to an imbalance in our lives. Each aspect Mind, Body & Spirit is equally important. If we have just mind and body, we are missing a major part of who we are. The part that brings us internal happiness, connection to source, peace, freedom, and sovereignty. In other words, the best bits of who we truly are. 

Unfortunately, many people these days think of Spirituality as unicorns, rainbows, crystals, and hippies. Although certain things can be beneficial, this is not the case. Spirituality needs only one thing. You! 


Usui Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of healing the body using universal life energy.

It is a passive hands-on treatment that allows the practitioner to stimulate the bodies own healing process by taking the patient on a journey of growth and spiritual deepening through the flow of universal life energy. 

Expanding Consciousness

Our consciousness is our connection to every living thing. It’s our spirit, our frequency, our vibration, it’s the layers of our self-awareness we resonate and reconnect with source.  

When we move through these layers of self-awareness, we move from contracted lower states of consciousness into expanded higher states of consciousness.  


Humanity is currently experiencing a great awakening! This time in our history has been prophesised by many ancient cultures. 

Many people have had their DNA activated almost like a switch turning on a light, by huge amounts of energy coming onto our beautiful planet in a natural planetary cycle. 

Lightworkers or way show-ers are those who have been awakened.


This is why our practices are offered on a value for value model.

Which means you pay what the treatment is worth to you and what you can afford, as we want everyone to benefit from these practices designed for health & wellbeing but made with unconditional LOVE!

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